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This one made me poop out of my nose

Krutches responds:



I don't know if ths is one of those things that happens to be so unfunny that it's actually funny, but I found myself laughing because it was done so poorly. Not that it was a bad submission, but I could tell that it was done by someone not from an english descent, because everyone had some strong foreign accent, even the people who clearly were animated as Caucasian. That for me was funny, though, overall a cool submission.

somezombie responds:

I actually have friends that are whiter than me and speak less english. Whoa! I bet your whole world is upside down now (btw my skin colour is like the main character).

I just wanted the two main characters to have different skin colours.. and the rest of them was given randomly, I didn't want to bother with that on this particular animation. I was more focused on the story.

Thanks for the comment.


A nice little submission, nothing to great about it. There wasn't any voicework and the animation consisted of very little work in general. Despite that it wasn't a bad submission, I mean I could tell you did put some effort in to the submission, but it would have been nice to actually see some serious animation. Other than that, I guess it wasn't too bad of a submission, it certainly did what it set out to do.

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Very cool

What I liked personally about this game was that despite it's rather simple design, and simple graphics, the game itself was still a ton of fun. The background changed with each new wave making you uneasy and tense, which added to the game's allure. Of course the actual gameplay was fun too, albeit not too great for laptop users. It would have been nice to see some sort of control scheme change menu or something to that effect, and it would have been cool if you could have had some sort of story in this submission too. Customization of your main guy, even things like simple colors and shapes would've been neat as well. All in all, you made a great fun, addictive game, but it also has plenty of room for adjustments or improvements.

Not easy for Laptop players

This again is another one of those space shooter games. I remember years back, I would play this sort of game on my old Gameboy console and I enjoyed that as much as this one. The difference between the two being that, this one is actually far better than the old version I used to play; this version has better graphics, at least some sort of story, or dialogue in the form of the few paragraphs at the start, and it uses every bit of gameplay technique the older version uses, from bosses to maneuvers the enemies do. Still, it would have been nice to see some sort of large animation or cut scene of some sort, but all in all you did a great job with this submission. Very enjoyable.

Fun game

The game in general is fun. It isn't much for graphics, but has that nostalgia feel to it, which keeps you from noticing it. The gameplay in this is also very addictive and although it lacks a story and isn't all that rewarding, the game keeps you hooked through innovative, but easy gameplay instructions. I found the game fun, and enjoyable and on top of that, I didn't feel as if I needed a reason to want to continue playing this game. All in all, a fun time waster.

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Well it was okay.

DiroNomer responds:

Thanks :3


A sped up version of an old Christmas classic. What can I say? It's a much better version than the original and I enjoyed listening to it. It has a sort of energy to it, and that's why this audio is so fun to listen to. Would be nice to see this sort of thing on some original audio, but like I said this audio was done nicely on its own.

MSXOmega responds:

Thanks! Be sure to check out my other stuff too :P


Well this audio was not very worked on very hard, or at the least wasn't thought out very well. The voices aren't really realistic or enjoyable, and if anything they sound more annoying then funny. I found the joke to be very poor in general, because the voices moved from Consuela from family guy and elmo from sesame street. Meh, not something great.

D-Mac-Double responds:

Totally fair review. My whole aim here was to make something boring and stupid with minimal effort.

If you'd like to hear me actually *try* as Mario and Luigi, watch Thwomps: The Movie.

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Not really funny in any way, but I like the cartoon style of the comic. It could use a little bit more of a fleshing out, or some sort of story in general in order to have some sort of quality to it though.

Evvie responds:

THE MAN and what you can do about him is a comic I do over at http://evvieco.com/tm and it is more story centric, done in the same style as the strips I do with mostly the same characters.

Meh I thought this submission was a little dull. I don't like the dark colors on this one and it's hard to tell the characters are upset and angry on the first glance. Not only that but the text is slightly obsecured by some of the design of the aforementioned characters. The tesota title is also a little bit bland if you ask me.

Fizzento responds:

Dark colors, dull. Well it is (Comedic) Death-Metal.
How is it hard to tell they're angry?
Also, I guess I should've made the text clearer.
And the band name will likely get changed.
Thanks for the honest reviews :p

Kind of a comical take on the emotion of sadness. I liked the eyes actually, because they personify a bit of goofyness like previously mentioned. Not a fan of the background, but it does have a good color to it, since it matches up well with the brown color of the potato. Funny I guess.

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